„Marketing takes a day to learn and a lifetime to master” Philip Kotler
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Our Portfolio

Our Partners

For us to be able to provide the best and fastest services, Neolevel works with trustworthy partners that share the same passion for excellence:

Marketing Strategists
Copywriters and art directors
Printing houses,
Event organizers
PR  agencies,
Advertising agencies,
CRM agencies,
Direct Marketing agencies,
Web Marketing agencies,
Marketing Research companies
We are constantly interested in possible partnerships with companies that share with us the passion for excellence and with whom we can provide complete services to our customers.

Contact us if you are interested in becoming our partner.

Our Clients

We currently are running marketing projects for clients in the following industries: HORECA, Real Estate, Tourism, Retail, International Trade, medical optical products and beauty services.

Please contact us if you are interested in our credentials and if you want to know how we can help you have an effective marketing activity.

Neolevel Projects

Besides the projects for clients, we develop our own projects as well. We prefer projects by which we can bring more knowledge about marketing among young people - students and fresh graduates - but also among specialists in other areas, entrepreneurs and managers of companies who understand the need for professional marketing.

Educating various publics regarding marketing, the value of a brand, the need for coherence in the activity and especially the importance of marketing in business, is one of our highest aspirations.

Therefore, we are interested to develop our own projects, but also to associate ourselves with organizations that share the same interest in education and knowledge as we do.
Neolevel Mentorship is a pro bono project by which we guide 5 young marketers in their first year of activity in a company. 
Participants in the mentorship program are in direct connection with a senior Neolevel representative whenever he or she needs advice or guidance in their daily marketing activities.

Thus, these future marketing professionals will pass more easily over the challenges of the new job, will be able to learn how to apply the theoretical elements they learned in school in their current activity, how to present projects to peers and superiors, how to choose service providers and what to ask of them. But most importantly, they will learn tactics of a professional marketing, even if their company does not have a strong marketing tradition. 
From offering advice and stating an opinion, to teaching them how to perform specific marketing activities, Neolevel supports 5 young marketers each year.

To access the mentorship program:
>> you must be officially employed in a marketing department or project in your company
>>  you must be in your first year of marketing activity
>> your company must not have their own junior training program for marketing
>> you must have achieved good results both at your license exam and during the university years (your average annual grade must be at least 8.00, your licence exam grade of at least 8.50, and your grades for the marketing, communication and general management based subjects must be no less than 9.00)
>> you must apply for the mentorship program by sending us your CV, a copy of your licence diploma, proof of employment in a marketing activity in your first year and a letter explaining why you think you need a mentor during your first year of work .
The selection will be done based on the accepted/rejected system within the 5 seats available, on a first-come first-served basis. Free places will appear once apprentices finish their first year of work, and Neolevel can take on a new apprentice from the waiting list. 
The openings are announced on the News section of our website as well as on our blog.

A short and essential open training program on specific marketing activities that takes place in a relaxed, living room atmosphere and lasts between 2 and 5 hours, depending on the subject. The Livingroom trainings contain a theoretical part which refers to a specific marketing activity, a workshop on the same topic and debate about the challenges and problems that may occur in reality when faced with that activity.

Learn more about The Livingroom trainings and the training program. Sign up to receive details of the themes and locations by sending us a message or an e-mail with the subject "The Livingroom”.

Picant Trainingsa marketing educational partnership program
Neolevel is partner with the training company Picant creating and conducting different marketing  courses together with the Picant professionals, as well as participating in networking events, conferences and other specific activities.

We are proud of our partnership with Picant, both companies sharing the same values and the same passion for marketing education and training future professionals.

The next Picant Training is Marketing Training for cafes, bars and restaurants, Hotel Caro- Bucharest, on 17th March 2009, between 8:30 and 18:30 hours. The CarciuMarketing trainers are Nicolae Naumof (Picant) and Lavinia Gheorghe (Neolevel).  Read more