„Marketing takes a day to learn and a lifetime to master” Philip Kotler
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About Neolevel

Who are we?

We are a team of marketing professionals, highly experienced in the management of marketing in client organizations. We were formed in companies that, exactly like the clients we address, did not have a set marketing department or activity. We have built systems, brands, procedures in those companies and we set the base for really professional marketing activities.

We faced the challenges of not having enough human resources in highly pressured times, we had to build small budget marketing programs, we needed to be careful in choosing the partners we were working with, we had to do a lot of in-house activities that bigger companies normally outsourced.

We did all this with great passion and we have achieved important successes. We feel proud each time we notice that our work has been maintained for years, even after we were no longer involved in those projects. What we created passed the test of time.

By dealing with numerous challenges, we have discovered a talent, a passion and the capacity to set up activities and structures that companies need for the short and long term.

We know the type of problems a small or medium company has, because we have dealt with many. Our desire is to set up professional marketing, communication and branding systems in the companies that realize the crucial need to do marketing. We strive to teach the people involved what marketing is all about and to reduce the distance between marketers and managers.

We spare no efforts in helping our clients achieve their sales goals and maintain constant, focused and coherent communication for the long run.

What do we do?

We solve marketing problems. Our services are focused on our client’s specific marketing or sales problems.

We start our work from the company and market status at hand; we do the necessary research and submit solutions for discussion with the company management. Once the strategy is defined and adopted, we help the company implement the solutions presented and follow up the processes.

Whenever we are allowed to, or whenever it is necessary, we teach our clients key elements for their marketing activities such as how to organize an event, how to work with the press, how to chose their advertising agency, how to write a commercial text and so on.

But we do not stop here. We provide the companies with marketing vitamins. We provide or produce specific parts of the marketing process that the company can use in their day to day sales or promotional activities and that will add a little boost to their systems. The range of vitamins is wide, from producing flyers and catalogues or managing one event to training their sales teams. These elements have one precise purpose - to boost the sales by smoothing, simplifying, straightening and making their communication with clients more professional.

Our Business Principles