"Many receive advice, few profit by it" Publilius Syrius
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Dear Visitor,

I am happy to present you with Neolevel Strategic, my company.  The reason I have started this company was a great passion for marketing and the desire to teach the owners of companies working in other fields how to use marketing to achieve their goals.

Neolevel is both a marketing agency and a concept of services. It is a way of thinking business. Neolevel stands for wanting to bring a project to a higher level through strategy, creativity and the ambition to do things as good as possible.

We think of business as of a video game where the playing board is set by the current company status and market and we, the players, are faced with very diverse challenges that we need to solve in order to reach the next level that  comes with its new challenges. In order to solve the challenges you need the right instruments, power, energy and knowledge of your environment. The purpose of the game is to improve the value that a company offers to its clients, to boost the sales, to create a better, more coherent image and to develop a strong brand.

But Marketing, as beautiful and easily understandable, it is of a huge complexity and linked to all your business elements. An integrated, professional, coherent and constant long term marketing requires a huge investment of time, resources and professionalism. Very few companies can afford a complete marketing, and these are amongst the strongest in the world. A small or medium company or a start-up will not stand a chance in a battle with the giants.

The good news is that any good marketing action will add value to your company as long as it is done properly and linked to other actions in a unitary plan and as long as it is adapted to your market, following a realistic objective.

Neolevel is a company with considerable experience in client companies, which give us the capacity to understand the challenges a firm faces and solve them without disturbing the existing systems. This is what makes us different from the other consultants. Although we have very strong knowledge, we are not theoreticians.

Because we do understand the daily problems faced by smaller companies, we have created a full range of services that can add to their market value, given each firm’s capacity to invest in marketing. We have developed what we call “marketing vitamins” – focussed services aiming specific problems that have the potential to boost the energy of your company.

We have also noticed the need for top managers to better understand some marketing concepts and for their personnel to be able to work on different projects without having to employ specialized companies. We invite you to our focussed marketing trainings, programs that last for short periods of time and offer you the exact information you need to finalize a project efficiently.

We truly believe that the final purpose of all marketing actions is to increase sales on the short or long term.

We hope that you become our client and we be able to help your activity. We are looking forward to working together and to you contacting us.

To all our present and future clients, with passion for marketing,
Kind regards,

Lavinia Gheorghe
Managing Director

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