„Marketing is the key to extraordinary results that a company can achieve” Peter Fisk
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You have got a small business and you see no reason yet to spend a lot of money on advertising. A marketing department in your company does not yet justify the costs. You're right!

But our country recently joined the EU and we are in a period of worldwide recession. You know to expect tough times when powerful companies will resist and less powerful firms will have problems. Your competition has money, the know-how, experience, and does a lot of marketing.

Now is the time to do something. You still have a chance to grow as a company, to increase your sales, to establish a clear place in the market and to gain strength.

It is not worth it doing expensive advertising ... but you need to do marketing!

NEOLEVEL was mainly founded for your company. We understand that your budgets are small. We understand that you prefer to sell rather than do dvertising. We understand you know your market very well. A full operational marketing department does not justify itself at your current activity level. Nor does it make sense to ask you if you have a budget for an advertising campaign. You know very well how much a TV campaign costs.

We’ll give you some good news:
   >> You DO NOT need to do advertising campaigns to have a professional marketing. 
   >> You DO NOT need a big marketing department to have a professional marketing
   >> You DO NOT need to hire an expensive agency to do professional marketing.

Instead of that you need the knowledge, the experience, and the strategic ideas of a network of professional marketers.

You need one or more of the Neolevel services:

Your External Marketing Department – Consulting Services

This marketing consulting and coaching services work on the principle of outsourcing parts of your marketing activity to Neolevel. We work in direct connection with the firm’s top management, receiving direct information about the company and offering you the basis for major management decisions.

Among our Consulting Services:
Marketing Vitamins – aka Express Services

These services are specifically dedicated  marketing elements without which the company cannot create for itself a viable market presence. They are projects. They have a starting date and a completion; they are done in steps, based on defined resources and specific goals. Their term is generally short.

Among the Marketing Vitamins:
Company Profile
Presentations for clients and partners
Logo creation; Naming

Marketing Training:

Firms need to know the specifics of marketing that will help them in their activity, especially if they do not have an international chain support, know-how or established marketing systems.  The Marketing training is aimed at top managers, directors of sales and at the personnel in charge with marketing.

Among the training programs:
      Focussed Training 
      Training in partnership
Human Resources for Marketing

If you are not a  marketing specialist yourself, how to choose a specialist to hire? How do you know what you need to ask him or her to know? How do you organize your work?
Marketing is a very complex and very fast activity. If you have decided to develop your marketing department, Neolevel helps you establish it efficiently.

Among the human resources for marketing services:
Marketing for HORECA

The Neolevel expertise in Hotel and Restaurant Marketing comes useful in helping those hotels and restaurants who want to have a professional marketing.
The HORECA industry has many specifics that are generally known only by those who work or have worked in the field. The need for marketing is great, but HORECA marketing is done by other criteria than the marketing of products. In this industry, the details are those that make the difference between a hotel or restaurant with many loyal customers and one that is empty.

Learn more about hotel and restaurants marketing
  Real Estate Marketing

Neolevel is experienced in Real Estate Marketing, both nationally and internationally. Our curriculum of expertise was formed on the local market as well as in the most dynamic real estate marketplace on the planet - Dubai, UAE.
Neolevel talks real estate and makes real estate marketing.

Marketing services for developers
Marketing services for real estate agencies